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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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an attempt to add them to the 2008 beijing olympics, it was reject. we're trying to think of other dumb things. melissa: if you don't need gatorade, it not a sport. "risk & reward" starts now. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> don't test america and don't test, donald trump. >> president spending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong-un would understand. u.s. has the unquestionable ability to defend itself. >> we're now a hyper power. >> fire, feuery an,y and frankly power, the likes of which world has never seen before.
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>> north korea threatening a missile attack on a u.s. military base in guam. brave south dakota airmen bunching back, announcing they are standing ready to fight, to keep us safe in guam. welcome to to "risk & reward" i am cheryl casone, following market for you, u.s. markets slightly down, tension between u.s. and north korea forcing dow down by 36 points, snapping a streak of 9 straight record closes, defense stocks are surging on the increased tensions with north korea. >> the u.s. territory of guam leaping into world spotlight after korean military said they were weighing a plan to strike the tiny pacific island with ballistic missile, strategists are questioning the move, it houses our
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powerful anderson air force base when a thaad. patriot intercept or missiles that . defense secretary general mattis joining the fight, warning north korea not to invite destruction of its people, saying that north korea actions will continue to be grossly over matched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates. many in the media playing this up as doomsday scenario. secretary of state tillerson bringing calm to media storm. >> americans should sleep well at night, i have no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days, the president again, as commander in chief he felt is necessary to issue a very strong statement directly to north korea. the president was reaffirming that u.s. has the capability
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to fully defend itself and our allies, from any attack and we'll do so, american people should sleep well at night. >> the secretary of state on a plane after leaving that big beating that happened in manila. first, let's see what north korea back and forth did to affect the mood at new york stock exchange. nicole is on the floor with a wrap up of the action. >> yesterday, we saw markets get spooked, we had our first sell-off in spots after 10 winning sessions, that continued through today, we did come off the lows, it been down almost 90, investors changed their strategy. took money off of the table and move to some safe havens. we sue some defense stocks on the move up, and new highs for raytheon, and lockheed-martin
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and northrop grumman. you can see today they have been on the move up, for this week up three%. also, we did simone moving to safer areas, gold, goa gold finished higher by other than 20 bucks, and has been on the rise since pyongyang had i its first long range missile test. since early july. cold at $1283. last but not least parent of fox business network and fox news channel came out with quarterly numbers, noting higher advertising distribution fee for cable channel drove up the results, most recent quarter, delivered an earns beat, they talked about deal with sky news likely to close next june 30 of 2018. innovation and ways to reach
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the consumers going forward. and talk about success not only of the cable and television but also successful broadcast of the super bowl, and major league baseball. last but not least they saw a great quarter for fox news channel with highest ever rating for quarter in a 24 hour viewership period, mostly good news from our parent 21st century fox. >> all right good way to end that report thank you. >> well getting back to north korea. the country is threatening the u.s. with missiles, but american media is only interested in president trump's semantics today. >> you don't think that the president's comments are at odds with those of the secretaries and other officials. >> in the president's remarks and secretary's comments about president's remarks, saying kind of language that north korea would understand.
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>> after the fire and fury language, senator mccain and others republicans and democrats, have complainted it was bomb pastic -- bom bomb pastic and not helpful. >> they are reminding meadia of the real issue. >> as people look at this, some consider comments to have been alarming, i would have to go back to this let's consider what is alarming, what is alarming two icbm, tests in less than a month, two nuclear tests that took place last year, when there was an earthquake in china i get many e-mails and calls from you, asking was it a nuclear test, that is how big of a deal this is what is going on. let me finish. then in big deal what is going on, a concern to the world not just the united states those are alarming actions, they are provocative on the part of
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north korea. >> okay retired lieutenant colonel tony shape tony shaffer said that media needs to focus on the real issue at hand when is north korea. >> thank you. >> have you seen this before? >> naiv naval gazing, let me be clear. president reagan during cold war was criticized for using hard language regarding our standing after the soviet union, his backbone, mr. gorbachev tear this wall down, things like that were recommended against, the media went crazy back then, never looking at the fact that you did have a soviet union that was very aggressive. we have seen since 1994, president clinton signed an agreement too denuclearize north korea, we've seen appease am after appeasement,
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resulting in very provocative establishment of nuclear weapons and tests, they now have the ability to put it of coursetogether. the focus should, be on the threat and what to we to to resolve it is our allies, note -- not the language or words used by our president to north korea to back off. >> real quick on media, have you web site warning that military figures are taking over president trump's administration, think about that and with north korea, paris fighting isis, middle east, is there no better time than new too have generals on your time like i don't know your new chief of staff, mr. kelly, it would make sense to me. >> i think two things that have been a problem, leaks and chaos.
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on the leak thing, i think that there is no better than general kelly to get to the bottom, those at white house have not done a good job, i think he will bring order to that. to the point of being a military man. general eisenhower was a good president, a number of presidents had military experience. i think bringing military folks, senior leaders who are experienced and effective is good. you would not want to hire a general who got fired for failure. what he is doing is bringing in men who have been successful in their careers, and being effective and accomplishing things, it is more important to accomplish thing, do big things to meet his agenda rather than worry about opinion of the left. i am sorry. >> the president appears to really value the leadership and guidance. >> he does. >> not just from kelly but from mattis and from tillerson, who actually made a lot of i would say calming statements overseas, i want to
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ask you about appropriate response, for me as a kid growing up in cold war, you always think of us as top dog nuclear power, but there were reports that u.s. was still using floppy disks to run the program. >> good point. >> then president he did respond to this, he said my first order of president was to renovate and modernize nuclear arsenal, hopeful we never have to use it. but. do you think this language, i am doing that semantic question. >> two thin, president's comments are aspirational we don't have a modernized force, how many people you know drive a 79 ford pintoy buo but that is the technology that we're talking about. he brought back the concept of use, many believed that president obama would not use nuclear weapons no matter what, that destroyed the deterrent capability we had,
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president trump brought that back, and made it clear, we'll use nuclear weapons and our technology does work, that is why they fired off minuteman 3 last week off the west coast, we has reestablished the primasy of our nuclear deterrent program but next year i think debate will be about reliarible replacement warhead. as anspace based antimissile system, i do believe that president trump will get that charged and modernized. >> amazing that we're talking about weaponry that was developed by us during world war ii, this is no surprise that kim jong-un has the capabilities. i think surprise is that we may be thanks to president obama are not ready for this with the technology. >> keep in mind the iranian deal helped to fund and fuel north korea rush forward. remember all linked.
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>> thank you for that. thank you president obama. colonel thank you, we appreciate your perspective. >> well, okay, other washington post report on russia investigation, comes out, report said that fbi searched a home belonging to president's former campaign chairman paul man manafort, raid took this on july 26. they took material with them, according to anonymous sources talking to the post. if we get more details we'll bring them you to. >> all right, president trump making a prediction in 1990 about north korea that seems adly on target today. we'll play that you full exchange. coming up after this. >> these people in three or 4 years will have a nuclear weapons, they will have the weapons pointed all over the world, specifically at the united states
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tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> you say, you as president would be willing to launch a preimtive strike against north korea. >> first i would negotiate, i would negotiate like people, these people in 3 or 4 years will have nuclear weapons all over the world, specifically point at united states, it would be nice to sit down and negotiate, i mean negotiate, if that did you not work, you better solve is now, rather be that later, you know it, everyone knows it no one wants to talk about it, they are laughing at us. you want to do it in 5 years when they have warheads all over the place, every one pointed to new york city, and washington, do it then or now? you better do it now. cheryl: president trump saying
5:17 pm
back in 1999, this it is imperative to stop north korea aggression, he is now in the position to deal with it. joining me now, member of donald trump for president ary board for trump for reelection, greg, good to have you mere. >> good to be here. cheryl: interesting. there was a report in "wall street journal" in november that the obama administration was telling transition team at the time, after the election, you have to wore about north korea -- you have to worry about north korea, have they been working on this? >> you know what is great to see, you watch that interview from 1999, is the president has already been thinking about this for decades, and his predictions have been accurate. so, i think that great disappointment is that the previous administrations three of them, clinton, bush then
5:18 pm
obama, they did not do anything, they let the problem get worse, and most of the problem happen in growth of nuclear program under secretary of state clinton. the previous administration have done nothing to solve this, now it lands on the president's lap, we can't ignore it any longer. cheryl: my question was, is president trump prepared? has he been prepared for this moment, this week? today? >> absolutely, he is getting advice from top generals, we have top generals in the white house, getting top military advice, he is a person of action. he understands the risk, there is no good option, no matter what you do. there is no good option on the table. but something has to be done. unfortunately, as what we've seen with north korea it is only going to get worse as time goes on. politicians in washington want to stick their head not sand and ignore the problem this growing.
5:19 pm
and the time will come those missiles can reach our homes here, we don't want that. cheryl: i think that president's body language we look at pictures of that statement with fire and fury, his looked angry, very angry it was a strong statement, i want to move on to something el, nancy pelosi. called trump belligerent and chuck schumer said, we need to be firm, and deliberate with north korea but reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep american safe, you have white house deputy assistance going t gorka saying that nation should ban together with north korea not bantering with partisan politics. >> these statements, they sadden my, these are moments we have to come together as a nation and support the executive, whether you voted for him or not, whether a democrat or a republican, these are trying times, if you think your party politics,
5:20 pm
your ideology trumps the national security of america, that is an dime indictment of you, you need to look in the mirror, ask yourself, what is more important, my political party or america. cheryl: do we need to put politics aside. >> i could not agree with seb astisebastian aho-- sebastian gorka more, he is right. the fact that democrats still want to play politics that is disgusting, if you want what talk schumer, with obama drawing line in the sand, schumer was support hiive, then, this is sick. i wish they would put this aside, going t gorka nailed it, that clip should be played everywhere. we all have to come together and support the president, it is a very tough decision. we need to make sure we prediction our country. cheryl: if you ask, are
5:21 pm
democracies like nancy pelosi and schumer taking advantaging of this, this is a serious national security issue, we have confirmed it, they do have a mini nuclear warhead about funny,. >> you know, funny democrats say resive, resist, delay, they do everything, too not exclude items of national security this disgusting, we have to come together, this say real problem, there are lives at stake, not only brave men and women of military but 25 million of korea, that guam, these are real lives at risk. this is a tough thing he is prepared. cheryl: a lot of people in his administration, including
5:22 pm
tillerson, let's take an -- thank you. >> you have a new report to bring to you, said that apple on its way to be first company to reach a trillion dollar market cap. they say way things are going it could happen next year. and analyst are watching. apple nearing mid september new iphone launch. apple closed up almost 1% today, trading higher in after hours. >> cnn paid contributor calling out cnn. on cnn. accusing the news network of fear mongering. after going full bore with what he says with anonymously source report. my next guest said why this cnn grow a conscious now. radio host david web speaking out. >> a unconfirmed respect, then
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>> can we just dial this back a little bit. you know, i think it is important, this is an important story, but it is an unconfirmed report of a possible technological development from north korea. and suddenly, on television, we're talking about people hiding in caves on hawaii. >> north korea has had unstable leadership for a long time, they have been developing nuclear weapons for a long time. the idea that we are now in some unprecedented new territory, is does not serve anybody's interest to talk about this as if nuclear war were imminent. this is just seems crazy to me. cheryl: okay, cnn panelist expressing caution after the cable network showed its viewers an underground bunker in hawaii. to describe what would happen
5:27 pm
in state were hit with a nuclear attack. cnn's president trum parent company time warner ended slightly higher. on bigger story we bring in david web, host of david web show. they wrote a segment how to survive a nuclear attack on hawaii. >> a little bit too soon, it is not prudent -- not too soon to look at issue for what it is, we have 20 years to look back and thank for this, jimmy carter, and -- all these things lead us to where we are, inaction. now they miniaturize, we have good sources on that. that is fact. we have concerns about development program.
5:28 pm
with aircraf iran, development of their ballistic capability and nuclear capability, but rather than tackle that, they talk about caves and bunkers, there are concerns even if they get it through on guam or hawaii, what they could do. this is a bad and worse situation, analyst really need, i am looking this from media point of view, i cover this, i bring on people who know how to talk through what matters, not a partisan issue, not all hyperbolic. but jeffrey toobin with all due respect should stick to law, not national security. cheryl: i think it was interesting he was on his own network making this comment. this is great journalists there at cnn, some are friends of mine, but at same time, network as a whole, they have not been cautious or to russian collusion story, they have you know president impeached by this point in news cycle, it is august.
5:29 pm
this is kind of cnn track as it is now. >> look, i hate to say it, but it is a sad joke on media, and sad to see on cnn. i play a game with my audience, i turn to cnn randomly throughout 3 hours, it usually russia 9 out of 10 times. let's talk well real issues that face us, talk about complexity of dealing with nuclear north korea and their people, who would be victims, and matt tear south korea and japan, and near asia countries and the rest of the world. cheryl: switching gears, overra msnbc, brian williams said he has an obligation to scare viewers about north korea. listen to this. >> our job tonight is to scare people to death on this subject, so talk is not as free as it is about a preemptive or surgical military strike, you know that
5:30 pm
part of the world, population centers, andrea and general have talked about south korea, the japanese, and so on and so on. >> there is a stock story, presidenthe parent company is comcast, that jock of th stock was hire. higher so it iss
5:31 pm
>> a former obama intelligence chief weighing in on north
5:32 pm
korea debate, saying that trump should tone down rhetoric threatening kim jong-un, my next gift saved never take advice. lieutenant general toom --
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>> we need to tone down rhetoric about regime change and all this.
5:36 pm
as desirable as it might be, all that does isa. amp up paranoia that prevails in pyongyang. that i observed when i visitedded there three years ago. cheryl: james clapper saying that president trump should ease up on his rhetoric against north korea, insis insinuating it could make things worse, but let's look at how president obama handle foreign policy. >> a few months ago, you asked what is wi. >> they do not threaten our national existence. if iran cheats the world will know it.
5:37 pm
cheryl: with me now thomas mcnerney. retired lieutenant general, are you surprised by clapper's comments. >> i think that president trump is spot on, clapper is part of the problem, that is why we are where we are, we have a crisis looming, we're presented president trump with the same presentation of 1962 during the cuban missile crisis, this is now a crisis building on that magnitude, we cannot accept. nuclear weapons that can reach the united states in north korea's hands. cheryl: here we are after you know 8 years of barack obama. and other presidents as well. there is foreign policy action urg under president obama that we pulled out, we pulled out of iraq.
5:38 pm
he called isis the jv team, he passed the iran deal, did a russia reset. and condemns israel, and reduced gitmo detainees. what is the impact of president obama's actions on where we are right now. >> this president has been given a very bad hand, if north korea continues to develop nuclear weapons, we're going to have to take action that is unacceptable. and reason it is unacceptable, if they deploy 50 nuclear weapons, i heard someone say we would use the mutual assured destruction, they fire a nuclear weapon, we would knock out 40 of them, 10 would hit u.s. cities, it would devastate the united states, sure we would hit north korea
5:39 pm
but russia, china and syria are sitting there smiling, that strategy only works against russia and china, this president has no choice? choice. cheryl: i have report -- we looked at president obama's foreign policy action, now president trump, and his actions he has taken. >> today we reaffirm unbreakable bond of friendship between israel and the united states it was another successful event. we have given them total authorization. >> u.s. u.s. will withdraw from the paris climat climb accord. >> nato members must contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. >> a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists.
5:40 pm
and drive out the extremists. drive them out. drive them out. >> president trump's foreign policy action compared to president obama in your opinion? >> there is no comparison. president trump's foreign policy to date -- rival ronald reagan. president obama put us unilaterally disarmed us, into a situation that we're facing right now in korea. and we'll face shortly in iran. all unacceptable, no president has been handed a hand like this cheryl, since world war ii. this is the worst any president has been given on a geopolitical situation. cheryl: there are a few thins that presidenthings that president trump, has accomplished, dropped moab in afghanistan against isis, increased drone strike. all of this, why are some of these you know,
5:41 pm
accomplishments not recognized by those on the left. >> because they are all trapped with mainstream media on fake news on russian collusion, that was deliberately done by previous administration, and why republican congress has gone along with it, is amazing, president trump is really doing a superb job, but this is a challenge. and it cannot go unnoticed, we have our work cut out for us, we're --o a collision course, i don't like saying that but we're on a collision course, any missiles fired today after what kim jong-un said he was going to attack guam, we should not let anyone missiles come off that launchpad, we should destroy them before they are launched because he is already said, he will attack guam. so no more missile launches. cheryl: all right, you say preemptive.
5:42 pm
>> correct. cheryl: general mcnerney thank you so much. >> thank you. cheryl: well, you know senator john mccain, is criticizing president trump's latest comes hebe said that he is not acting like previous presidents, my next guest agrees. he should know he is presidential historian, doug wead is here, he is next. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's suppose to do, release its own insulin. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
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♪ >> i take exception to the president's comments because you have to be sure you can do what you say you're going to do, the great leaders that i have seen, they don't threaten unless they are ready to act. i'm not sure that president trump is ready to act. cheryl: okay, senator mccain criticizing president trump's latest comments saying he is not act like previous presidents. my next gif guest thinks that
5:46 pm
is wrong, he is a president at historian doug wead, i am excited to get your perspective on this. >> thank you. cheryl: other leaders we had a general mcnerney mention reagan. have others leader done the same thing as president trump is doing? >> oh, yes, they have talked strong. reagan did. when he said mr. gorbachev tear down this wall, and he called soviet union the evil empire, the liberals were frightened by this talk, but strong leaders to speak and they follow-up with action, john mccain is right. >> even lindsey graham saying that u.s. has not taken enough action against north korea. time to try a new tactic with them, do you agree with what senator gray ha graham is saying. >> i agree with lindsey graham too, you know i love john mccain, it breaksn my heart
5:47 pm
the latest diagnosis for mccain, and my step uncle was robby ricer in his senior officer in the p.o.w. camps, i care for him, this is not a good moment for him, he has come back to senate, take then vote, and publicly disagrees with trump, his commander in chief, that reminds me of truman who was very unpopular in 30s he waited for mcarthemc-- mcart mche circled around, that is what i would say to senator john mccain, whatever you think about donald trump maybe he insulted you, but we're in a crisis, we're in a unity we need you to act like a sole soldier not a senator.
5:48 pm
cheryl: i have so much respect for senator mccain. you know he is sticking with his truth if you will, he has always been critical of trump he is not changing his stripes, even jimmy carter, claims, you know he convinced north korea to freeze nuclear program, and bill clinton supported it sending energy aid to north korea, north korea violates the deal from the starts, now they have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that could maybe hit alaska. do you think that president's carter and clinton are partially responsible for that escalation today? >> yes, and president obama and george w. bush. it reminds me of just before civil war we had a languag a long string of terrible presidents who kept kicking can down the road on slavery, they would not make a decision until it was forced on lincoln this crises today is forced on donald trump.
5:49 pm
because presidents did not make decisions. it applied economically as well with social security and other issues that loom and they could destroy us as a nation economically, this is a terrible crises with north korea, it could have been resolved when it was small. cheryl: well, here we are. all right, doug thank you. >> very much? thank you, cheryl. cheryl: all right, well, a cnn host characterized man who criticized google diversity practicing as a misogynist. we'll weigh in after this. >> do you think he was allowed to say, i don't like women near a computer. should he are been fired for it? time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face.
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cheryl: the google software
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engineer james demore fired for writing a memo. look at stock, alphabet of going toe google ended in red, our legal panel is here. can't wait. hello to you. what do you think. >> i don't know how he could have expected any other result than to be fired. at-this-point in time with what google is going through in terms of allegations of unequal pay, they employee 69% men, they are not hiring enough women, he is releasing this discriminatory memo saying that women cannot do as good as a job. >> what do euyou have another perspective. >> yes, i feel like not withstanding that california is at will termination state,
5:54 pm
the reality it was a memo circulated amongst the employees it addressed inequality in the workplace. i say it done rise anywhere to level of a hostile work environment that courts have construed them to be that means that pervasive pattern of abusive conduct someone should be terminated over it did not cut it, people. they cited his memo violating, crucially concludes by saying, if you see something and you don't like, speak up, that did not violate the code of conduct on its face that google purports. cheryl: if i was a civil right attorney, i would say you are insulting a group. in case of google women minority group. >> and i have to report fully disagree with -- respectfully disagree with emily,
5:55 pm
at-this-point in time taking apart fact, they are taking this in. you look at process, released it internally. he could have brought it to management, there are different ways. at will google can fire him for any reason, there is no first amendment protection. >> i have done a lot of work on employment issues in general, that was my first thought. you are an at will employee google has every right to fire you. if you are insulting the company. if you don't like it go work at uber. >> in demore's defense he cited this is an extreme stance that i am arguing he
5:56 pm
stated thre throughout, he had this ernest point it read to me, has guy next to new class, that is misguided but earnest and not malicious, back to california state law and federal law they held to protect that if an employee speaks up addressing an aspect of the employment that is inequal in theirries it is protected, i do think this will have a favorable outcome for him. cheryl: labor attorneys everywhere will watch this one. >> thank you. all right. we smile. coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way
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reporter: the u.s. markets closing slightly down today.
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you want to be sure to tune into my regular program. myself and lauren will have the latest overnight developments on the situation in north korea. gerri willis is here with making money. fast-moving developments in the north korea showdown. the trump team responds to the rogue regime's threat to strike guam. don't cross us, because you will lose. first to adam shapiro who is joining us live from bridgewater, new jersey. adam, i know you will break this down. a report from south korea that north korea is considering


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